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Integrated Granule Packaging Machine Line Systems Layout

Electric Snack Packaging Machine for Hazelnut


1.TOPY VP420/500/620/800 Middle Speed Vertical packaging Machine



Suitable to pack coffee bean, seed, sugar, salt, spice, potato chips, puffed food, jelly, pet food, snacks, gummy, etc.

  • PLC controller with touch screen interface

  • Servo-driven end seal jaws

  • Servo-driven film transport

  • Hot printer and film feeding system synchronous

  • Quickly changing one-piece bag former

  • Eye mark sensor for film tracking

  • Stainless steel frame


Optional device:

Filling nitrogen device, gusseted device, punching jaws, chain bag device, PE film device, venting device


Technical advantages:

 Low cost high gain, high speed and efficiency. 


 MITSUBISHI PLC control system, large touch screen, convenient to operate

 Film drawing down system and horizontal sealing controlled by servo motor minimize the loss with complete automatic warn protection function

The feeding, measuring, filling, sealing, date printing, charging (exhausting), counting and food product delivery are all finished when it equips with feeding and measuring equipment.

Linear Weigher Single Head 2 Head 4 Head Weighing Machine


It's suitable for weighing slice, roll or regular shape products such as sugar, salt, seed, rice, sesame, glutamate, milk powder, coffee powder and seasoning powder, etc.


Special Features

*Weighing mix different products at one discharge

*Parameters can be freely adjusted during running condition

*New generation design, each actuator,boards can exchange with each other.

*Self-diagnose function on the electronic boards

See the operation video for more automated bagging machine running

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