Training for Sales Skill on Food Bagging Machine


  Training for Sales Skill on Food Bagging Machine

  Bagging machine are used for roll of film, premade bags and so on. We do the whole automatic filling, sealing, packaging and inspecting with check weigher and metal detector.


TOPY-VP Middle Speed VFFS Packaging Machine


Loose solid material, such as puffy food, shrimp roll, peanut, popcorn, cornmeal, seed, sugar and salt etc. which shape is roll, slice and granule.

  • PLC controller with      touch screen interface

  • Servo-driven film      transport

  • Pneumatic-driven end      sealing jaws

  • Hot printer and      film feeding system synchronous

  • Quickly changing      one-piece bag former

  • Eye mark sensor for      film tracking

  • Stainless steel      frame

Filling Systems

Fits most fillers for dry or liquid applications:

-  Auger fillers

-  Cup fillers

-  Linear scales

-  Combination weighers

-  Combination scales


Packing material

-  Heat sealable roll film

-  Single-layer PE

-  Laminated film


Bag style

-  Stand pillow bag

-  Bag with hole

-  Gusset bag

-  Square bottom bag

-  Chain bag

Optional device

-  Air flushing system

-  Nitrogen gas flushing

-  Gusset device

-  Air expeller

-  Hole punch device

-  Tear notch device

-  Material stopper

-  Safety device

-  Bag support

-  PE sealing system

-  Vacuum device

-  Flip device

-  Static eliminator

-  4 lines folding device

-  Film tracking device

-  Special sealing jaws

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