How can I get to know packaging automation equipment quality before placing an order?
Today, in the TOP Y MACHINERY Co., LTD field, TOP Y Packaging Machinery Manufacturer is treated as a major supplier of pretty good reputation. TOP Y Packaging Machinery Manufacturer begins with carefully selected materials, then our expertly-trained manufacturing staff meticulously finishes and packages each and every product for you. TOP Y Packaging Machinery Manufacturer is in the lead.
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With rich experience, our company is unanimously acknowledged by industry people and customers. our team produces a number of different product series, including horizontal packaging machine. our company horizontal packaging machine has been tested in the sound laboratory. It complies with ASTM E90 and ISO 10140-2 for sound blocking and ASTM 423 for sound absorption. At the same time, the running of the machine will be stopped when opening which could prevent dust. It has good stretchable features. It has been tested in terms of stretch and recovery via such testing methods as ASTM D2594 and BS 4294. The machine will perform automatic checking.
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We want to be a trusted partner, providing our customers with high-quality services and offering them the best possible support.

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